Fun Wedding Ideas

Alright…truth is, none of the following are from one of “my weddings.” I just happened to be watching a funny (1st one below) video of a 1st Dance on YouTube and thought it’d be fun to start sharing these with my visitors. (I hope the brides & grooms don’t mind us watching these here.)

(Hold on…don’t get me wrong! I’ve had lots of these sorts of moments at “my weddings,” I just don’t have the videos. I need to get better about getting these from the videographers I work with.) I build websites too and am embarrassed to say I don’t my own site as much love as I ought to…I’ll try to do better at keeping it fresh. “Physician heal thyself.”

I present these for the purpose of brain-storming ideas and an homage to the bridal couples, DJs, planners who came up with  and pulled off these memorable moments. (Oh, and if you have any ideas or videos you’ve come across, share them in the comments below)


(Spoiler alert and for the impatient:
The “real fun” begins about 3:45min. in)