Offbeat Bride: Our 30 Best Wedding Ideas to Steal

Is it rare to be encouraged to steal something? We happen to encourage you all to steal our Offbeat Bride ideas rather a lot.

Read this article in its entirety on Offbeat Bride’s website. 

In fact, one of our biggest archives is full of wedding ideas that we’d really like you to steal, pretty please.

But I couldn’t get all of my favorites on this list (though I made sure to include my favorite tip for a post-ceremony activity).

What I’m saying is, you should go have a wander through that once you’re done with these 30 of my very favorite offbeat wedding ideas ready for you to steal…

1. Play rock-paper-scissors to decide who says their vows first.

Photo from I’ll be your rock, paper, AND scissors from Ryan Carver

2. Build your bouquet on the way down the aisle.

Gracious acceptance
Photo from Guest bouquet: let your guests help you build your bouquet from Levinine

3. Stuck for favors ideas? Give your guests IOUs!

Photo from Putting the FAVOR in wedding favors

Read the rest of this article on Offbeat Bride’s website. 

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