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Since 1987, Brass Ring Mobile Music has been bringing great music and professional master-of-ceremonies services to hundreds of corporate events of all kinds.


Company special events help create and nurture relationships among workers and clients alike while increasing morale. They also re-enforce the kind of unity and teamwork which results in a refreshed, dedicated, loyal and more capable team of workers. Strong relationships result in increased speed of implementation and reduced costs resulting in a measurable increase in effectiveness. Call us today

HOLIDAY PARTIES…we set the mood and set you dancing!

Brass Ring Mobile Music - Corporate Holiday Party

Your staff has worked hard all year. They’ve pushed to make goals and contributed greatly to the organization’s bottom line. They’ve sacrificed time with loved ones to dedicate to their company’s success. A holiday party is an excellent opportunity for enlightened companies to reward their employee’s efforts by offering a convivial social situation where fellow workers can spend time together in a non-work environment enjoying great food, drink, fellowship and entertainment. Many companies take advantage of the opportunity to include clients in the festivities as this serves to further bond and strengthen these vital relationships.

Over the years, DJ Edward Sanchez has had the pleasure to help a great many Southern California as well as out-of-town companies and groups ring in the holidays. Providing excellent music and professional, appropriate, yet fun and humorous master-of-ceremonies services, Edward is dedicated to contributing to events in a manner that helps them run smoothly and enjoyably for all participants, organizers absolutely included! Assisting with making guests welcome, making important announcements and introductions, hosting contests, auctions and raffles and other items on the event agenda helps make the event a success. Call us today

TEAM-BUILDING EVENTS…we M/C and provide an exciting soundtrack!

Any fine craftsman knows that a job cannot be done excellently without the assurance that one’s tools are at their optimal best. This is no less true for a company and its most valuable resource, the workers. Many forward-thinking companies “sharpen the saw” by planning team-building special events every so often as an excellent way to energize and tighten up their team of associates for maximum synergy and effectiveness.

Brass Ring Mobile Music stands poised to participate in your team-building events. Providing stimulating, inspirational musical accompaniment to your activities, emceeing contests and competitions, making periodic announcements and generally keeping your event’s energy level pumped through spirited deployment of the power of the microphone. Brass Ring’s involvement in your event will add a “charge” to your team-building efforts! Call us today.

COMPANY PICNICS…we take them over the top!

All work and no play…? Company picnics are one of the all-time great institutions. Getting together on a day off (or, even better, being GIVEN the day off!) to enjoy fun, sun, barbecue, family, friends, games, contests, prizes and, did I say it, fun? What a great time to be had and nothing completes the day like having really great music playing while you’re enjoying a play day with your co-workers. Call us today.

CORPORATE RETREATS…music enhances the experience.

The idea of retreats is to get away, to relax, to recharge, to power up. Do I need to remind you that music has the ability to do ALL of these? Brass Ring provide a great musical accompaniment to all of your events and gatherings. From mellow and ambient to exciting and inspiring, we’ll provide the appropriate musical backdrop.

Brass Ring can help you set a great atmosphere as you and your peers relish in the reviving you so richly deserve. Call us today to engage a Brass Ring Mobile Music experience.

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