Celebration of Life / Memorials

One fact about this existence is that those we cherish sometimes leave us as their life journey brings them to the point where they must pass on. Of course, this happens more and more as our own path lengthens. How we handle this (and all adversity) is certainly key to determining the quality and joy of our own life experience.

A Different Kind of Party

Different cultures observe these occasions in myriad ways. There are all kinds of funeral and memorial rituals observed. For some, a favorite way to honor and remember the dearly departed is with a great party. Friends and family come together as one to pay tribute and say goodbye in a festive gathering featuring food, drink, images, video, speeches and fond memories. We are very experienced in providing great celebration of life music regardless of culture or ethnicity and are particularly sensitive to the needs of the bereaved.

It’s Our Honor To Be There

Brass Ring Multimedia - Celebration of Life Slideshow

Brass Ring Mobile Music is honored to respectfully participate in your family’s celebration of life event in a number of ways. First, by providing an ambiance of excellent celebration of life music near and dear to the dearly departed and their loved ones. Music has power to evoke strong memories and is thus a welcome and appropriate addition to your gathering. Call us today.

Treasured Keep-sakes

Brass Ring Multimedia - Lori Memorial Collage Cards (image)

Additionally, through association with Brass Ring Multimedia, we can help you assemble, produce and present loving and emotional slide-shows for the enjoyment of those assembled. Also, ask us about production of memorial “keep-sake cards” (especially great when they feature images from the slideshow!) to present to guests.


Play Hallelujah
(K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah excerpted from her album “Hymns of the 49th Parallel“)