Creative Wedding Ideas That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Long before you stand eye-to-eye with your future spouse and repeat the words “I do,” you’ll have to learn another phrase: “I don’t.” As in, “I don’t think we can fit that in our budget.”Now before you get the wedding-bell blues, be encouraged! Just because you can’t afford an ice sculpture of a swan and a six-course dinner doesn’t mean you’re out of options. Every area of the big day—from the venue to the flowers to the cake—can be saved with a little bit of creative substitution.We asked Dave’s Facebook Fans to share tips for planning a reasonably priced and elegant celebration. To fully embrace their suggestions, you might need to embrace your quirky side, but that just means your wedding will be more you.

From financial guru Dave Ramsay, his team and followers…you can also

The Venue

We got married in our favorite movie theater, which has old art deco style and lots of antique film equipment. We rented the place for $100 plus concessions! —Tim

I got married at a train station in Norman, Oklahoma. It was $100 to rent the facility all night! —Sereta

Parks are a great location and usually more affordable. Some have lovely halls with chairs and tables. —Toni

Getting married at my alma mater was super cheap, and we had a backyard reception catered by a taco truck. —Rick

Get married on an “off” day—a Friday instead of Saturday—or out of season. A January wedding got us a $2,500 venue for $400. —Kat and Ashlyn

The Food

We did a midafternoon wedding at 2:30. We didn’t feel the need to serve a full meal, so we did appetizers and finger foods instead. —Andy

Limit your guest count and don’t have Ruth’s Chris taste on a Golden Corral budget. It doesn’t work. —Rachel

We had a smaller wedding and rented out a restaurant. The food was better than wedding food. —Amy

The Flowers

We reused the flowers from the ceremony to decorate the reception. —Jennifer

The day of the wedding my mom went to the local farmers market to get fresh local flowers. We spent way less and supported our local farmers. —Rachael

Instead of spending a ton of money on flowers, we bought plants and decorated the pots. —Linda

Ask the florist which flowers are in season at the time of your wedding, then build around that. —Elizabeth

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